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Coordination, planning and assistance is what we offer you as a service in helping you plan and conduct a successful conference

Do you need help and assistance in planning a workshop, seminar, function or professional conference? Do you have an idea for a conference, seminar, function or workshop but need help in planning the coordination?

Event-SA will help and assist you with the planning and development of your conference and it's coordination and find you a venue to suit your requirements.

Individualized Service and Conference Planning

We know that each conference event is different and we can create a product tailored to your needs.Conference coordination, planning, assistance and help

We work with you to help develop a customized plan that works for both your conference program and budget. Depending on the size and complexity of your conference event planning, you may need help in all of the areas listed below or in just a few.

Conference Program Development

We will work with you to help and assist in the total planning and development of your conference program. While you are the experts on the conference's or seminars required content, we will:

  • Help you to establish goals and objectives for your conference program.
  • Determine the appropriate format (conference, workshop, symposium, or short course) to meet your needs.  
  • We help and assist, identify and arrange for conference accommodation and a venue, a day venue, speakers,facilitators and hotels, lodges, resorts.
  • Coordinate with presenters to identify what instructional resources are needed (including audio visual equipment, hand outs, and other learning aids).
  • Advise you on planning and booking a conference venue and teambuilding accommodation, meals and refreshments.
  • We help coordinate the conference participant accommodation, meals, and special food functions or activity requirements.
  • We will help select and/or suggest.plan conference menus, schedule banquet facilities and activities.

Conference Co-ordination, planning, assistance and helpInstructional Conference Media Assistance

We will coordinate the services of a variety of instructional media professionals who will assist you in creating audio visual and other learning aids for your conference.

Conference Evaluation

We will assist you in evaluating the success or effectiveness of your conference program.

Post-Conference Wrap-up

After your program is over, our team will wrap up all the dozens of details that occur in connection with your event. We don’t consider your program to be over until we’ve done such things if mandated such as:

  • Account for all income and expenses.
  • Pay all conference bills.
  • Write appropriate thank-you letters to speakers and others who contributed to the success of your event.
  • Handle all administrative paperwork.
  • Process all appropriate conference documents related to travel, speakers, entertainers and other conference expenses.

Contact us by calling us or simply click on the enquiry link at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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Conference Coordination | Conference planning | Conference venues | Conference assistance | Conference help