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Teambuild-SA has been online and active since 1999, yes, that's 21 exciting years!

Recently we made a decision after having had many enquiries over the years, to list and show case the team building and event and function venues and suppliers around the country on our website.

We are doing just this, and have expanded our website to list and show case more of the superb team building, event and function venues, and expertise available in and around South Africa.

Would you like your venue or facility to be listed on this dynamic website? you would, then read on.

A few brief facts;

If your venues website does not rank on the first or second page of Google, Bing or Yahoo your chances of clients finding your venue is remote

The Internet is constantly evolving and unless you can afford to pay out fortunes for constant SEO, website marketing, updating and keeping up with the latest internet trends it is downright difficult get your website to the top pages and not get buried.

The internet has become the first place people turn to when companies or corporate people are looking for products, venues and services.

The solution;

At a minimal cost, gives your venue a door to the teambuilding and function world in South Africa, that gets seen, and is seen by the right people.

What do you get when listing with Teambuild-SA ?

Your venue will be listed on one of the premier websites for team building and team build venues in South Africa. 

Teambuild-SA will include a picture and a brief description of your venue, on the relevant provinces main venue page. A quote me button (this enquiry will come directly to your reservations email address) and a link that says more info taking the client through to a full page on your venue.

Your venue page; this page will display your logo, 6 photographs of your venue, your contact details, a description of your venue, your accommodation, team building, function and conference capacity details. click here to view a sample page

You will deal directly with the client

What is this going to cost ?

The price to list your venue on Teambuild-SA is R 3000.00 for 1 year, which equates to R 250.00 a month.

What do I need to do to get listed on Teambuild-SA ?

Please complete and submit the application form you will find below.

We will respond to your application within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) with a list of the information materials you will need to send us (includes description, photographs, your accommodation capacity as well as team building and conference capacity with details of any activities you may offer).

We have a strictly one venue per listing policy. If you have multiple establishments which are situated on different properties, you would need to complete a separate application form for each establishment that you wish to list.

For the protection of all venues listing on the site we will limit the number of advertisers in each area, so a waiting list may apply. We cannot guarantee that we will accept all listing requests.

On your application being submitted, we will review your venue and on acceptance will send you the details we require to put your listing on our teambuild-sa website.

Please supply us details of your venue and a brief description, six "stunning" pictures, your team building and accommodation capacity, function capacity, conference capacity as well as your conference facilities. Information on the activities you offer. Please also supply a direct email address for the enquiries that are made can be mailed to.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the teambuild-sa website and show casing your venue.

terms and conditions  (please familiarise yourself with our T&C's)

Please complete the following listing form for the Teambuild-SA website.
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Listing your venue, team building venue, advertising my venue online, list my venue, expertise, function, event or conference venue