Team Building, What is it ? about team building.


Team building is a group of activities, tasks or problems put to a group of people that work together.

what is team building? team building is a goup of activities, tasks or problems given to a group of people to work out together

With team building the task at hand is only solved by group participation and cannot be achieved by one person working alone.

Team Building aims is to overcome any mental or physical blocks, problems or barriers that are not always evident in the normal working environment and create a unified team that communicate, work and succeed together.


1/.  Team building creates motivated and dynamic staff
2/. When team building staff discover strengths and positives about themselves and other team mates that would otherwise not have been brought to the fore.
3/. Team building creates a better understanding of other team mates which in turn leads to better communication.
4/. Team building releases stress
5/. Team building creates a focused group
6/. Team building helps to build trust and inter-communication as well as support vital to any successful business.
7/. Team building enables management to get to know their staff and vice-versa out of "the" formal working environment.
8/. Personal growth is normally achieved by all that participate in a team building.


Team Building works by creating group interaction through a range of various activities designed to bring certain outcomes or needs to the fore and a successful end result.

These activities are led by Faciltators. Facilitators work and interact with the teams and specialise in various activities and forms of team building.

Team building activities take many different guises and forms and they will often relate to something that team members can identify with. 

Team building happens in many different arenas. Outdoors, Indoors, in conference, in the office and can be done at virtually any time of the day or week.


A company, boss, manager or team will identify a need for team building.

This can be for one of many reasons.  Some of the most common are Building trust, increasing communication between team members, getting to know each other, the integration of two divisions, building morale and esteem in a team. There are obviously many more reasons for a team build, they all boil down to one purpose at the end of the day and that is creating a stronger, united and dynamic team.

Talk to us and let us assist you in identifying a suitable team building activity based on your desired team building need and outcome.

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Team Building, what is it?, about team building.