delicious team building activities, food activities for teambuilding for your next function, event, conference or teambuild

DELICIOUS team building activities, food adventure activities

Team building activities that include food and drink? Yes, believe it or not, activities can be both a team building and delicious at the same time. For a teambuild, event or function with that little something extra which adds zing and spice to life. Take a bite out of one or all of these delicious teambuilding activities



Travel the World is an exciting food and cocktail based team building activity

5 countries, 5 cocktails 5 snacks and 5 activities in this exciting travel the world cocktail adventure team building




Travel the World is an interesting cocktail themed team building activity which takes you to 5 different countries and offers 5 different cocktails where you will create a cocktail and enjoy a bite sized snack based on each of these countries as well as enjoy a traditional activity from each. That is 5 cocktails, 5 snacks and 5 activities as well as a country specific challenge which make this one hugely tasty, adventurous and extremely enjoyable activity.

Cocktail Concoctions is a alcohol based team building activity

Cocktail Concoctions- a verrry tasty activity team building activity




Cocktail Concoctions is both innovative and challenging. A short brief is given on the preparation and making of a cocktail. Teams are then provided with a table of alcohol and other ingredients and they have to design a signature cocktail, invent it's special story and then create it. Then comes the BIG moment, the launch and promotion of your new cocktail and the moment everyone has been waiting for, the cocktail tasting. A great activity and team building that is also very tasty! A Cocktail making extravaganza of mouth watering and mood enhancing cocktails.

Potjie-Cook-Off-team-building activity and competition

Master Chef Potjie cook off is a delicious and very popular South Africa teambuilding activity




Master Chef Potjie cook-off challenge = Ready, Steady .. COOK! You are given the ingredients and the tools to create your master chef potjie. But its not as simple as it seems as a few curved balls are thrown your way. Which team is going to make the Best Master Chef potjie? As a team you get to dine on your creations after you have been judged. An extremely popular team build activity.

Chocolat is a delicious team building activity based on chocolate

Chocolat is a delicious team building activity based on chocolate




Chocolate, donít we all just adore this delicious sweet treat. Chocolat is a delicious activity based workshop adventure that takes you and your team mates into a new realm of appreciation and discovery of this adored cocoa based delicacy commonly known to us all as chocolate. A variety of teambuilding activities centered around Chocolate will keep you enraptured, wanting more and having to work as a team to complete the various technical team challenges presented in this tasty team activity called Chocolat!

Cheese and wine and other paring is a wonderful group leisure activity option

wine, cheese and other food pairing activity




Cheese and Wine paring and tasting activity. Discover the different wine varieties, their different qualities and the best cheese's and other treats that combine with each wine. So, while brie and gruyere are great with wine, who says you can only serve cheese with wine? Wine goes with everything. Everything from fruit to chocolate helps bring out the flavour of the wines. Discover more about wine and their pairing partners in this team taste adventure.

Brandy and Biltong is a really tasty group actvity for teams looking for something  with a little spoil in it

Brandy and biltong tasting and a truly delicious team based activity




Brandy and Biltong Tasting is a South African taste sensation activity. Brandy is ranked as tops and unbeatable by many South Africans. Discover the different brandies (yes, you get different types of brandy) coupled with a variety of different biltong type and taste sensations. Both much loved and revered in South Africa, the combination of the salty and spicy tastes of Biltong coupled with the mellow taste of Brandy provide an unusual and very different team taste and pairing experience.

(These delicious activities as in all team building activities, are subject to both venue and facilitator availability at the time of your planned team building, at some venues these activities may incur a surcharge)
Let us assist you in making your next team building activity and event one that will be remembered!

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