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INDOOR OR OUTDOOR  Team Building Activities & Adventures

Indoor or outdoor, most of these interactive team building activities can be done either way and some of the activities are suitable for the evening or early evening activity as well. Uplifting, challenging and exciting. These activities get you working, thinking, communicating and laughing together. Yes, its all about team work!


Glam It Up is an Interactive team building that includes the world of cosmetics and glamour and making the best of yourself in the work place

Interactive indoor Glam it up workshop and team building




Glam It Up is an interactive teambuild workshop with a make-up artist, where everybody gets to try out ideas and discover more in this adventure of self-discovery about both themselves and their team mates. Learn more about your face and how to bring out the best of your features and minimise others. Be amazed at how in a few strokes you can totally alter your features. An interactive event for all, promising glamour, huge fun and best of all its teambuilding! A photo-shoot ends this exciting team build workshop event.

Animae is a creative team building actvity that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors 

create an animated animal in this creative and action based activity




Animae challenges your grey matter in this creative activity. Animae will stretch your imaginations and bring your innate creative and engineering skills to the fore. Create an animated creature based on criteria given to you and with the materials provided. The trick is to design your creature so it can perform a certain required animated task!   Teamwork is required.

Circus Savvy is a truly interesting indoor or outdoor team building activity that delves into many of the expressions we use every day 

Circus Savvy is a teambuilding activity that can be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors




Circus Savvy focuses on times when we refer to life and happenings that occur in daily in expressions we often use, expressions to emphasise or embellish our feelings. Expressions such as “it was a real juggling act”, or I felt like “I was walking a thin line”, “I was left spinning”. Circus Savvy takes you on an exciting journey of these life expressions. This entertaining and challenging team build teaches us more about coordination, ourselves, and each other, what we can achieve as both individuals and as a team.

So you think you can dance! is an indoor team building activity where everyone gets to try out various dance moves over the years, energetic and uplifting 

A teambulding centered around dance- what a wonderful way to teambuild 




So you think you can Dance! takes you on an enthralling journey, a discovery of different dance moves and styles over the years. From the early years through to modern moves. Work as teams and map out and perform dances moves in specific styles, from the oldest to the latest dance moves. An active teambuild that ignites the imagination, creates team spirit, competition and is a whole lot of fun! Energising, uplifting and interactive.

Office Idols or Karaoke is a wonderful group activity that gets everybodys vocal chords going and enjoying themselves 





Office Idols, you have watched Idols now do it!!  with thousands of songs to choose from. Songs on offer vary from Nursery Rhymes to the Latest Titles. So no-one can say they don’t know a song! Test your vocal abilities. Great Fun for everybody!
(this event can be combined with a Buffet Dinner or
Boma Evening or it can follow a Theme evening or simply be enjoyed on its own.)

Potjie Cook-Off is a popular outdoor team building activity in South Africa 

Potjie Cook Off- teambuilding action activity also a very tasty one!




Potjie Kos (Pot Food) traditionally cooked over coals in a three legged cast iron (potjie) pot.  South Africans have a competitive culture  to create the best tasting Potjiekos and be crowned the king and Master Chef of the Potjie! in this inspired team building activity. 

Minute to win it team building activity is fast and furious but oh so funny!

action activity - minute to win it




Minute-to-Win-it is an exciting team building activity where teams compete against each other in a series of seemingly simple tasks that have to be completed in under a minute. Enjoy this activity anytime day or night ...indoors or outdoors.

Creative Capers Team building brings out the latent creativity in everybody, unite and work as a team 

action activity- creative capers team building




Creative Capers and games that are designed to bring out and nurture the creativity in you! This entertaining team building action and series of activities gets everybody thinking, playing and performing “out of the box”. Wonderful for building team interaction and creativity and it also offers some side-splitting laughter.

COmmuni-Trust is an excellent team building to build trust and communication in a team or group of people 





Communi-Trust invites you to work as teams and groups to build communication skills and trust amongst each other. One of the biggest problems in the work place today is a lack of communication. Communi-trust offers a variety of tasks and games built specifically to open these channels while participants have fun and make new discoveries about each other at the same time.

Solve a murder in this CSI Challenge - exciting indoor team building 

CSI Challenge a murder solving team building activity




CSI Murder Challenge, works just like in the TV show! Utilising lateral thinking and common sense to piece together a Murder! The CSI challenge takes you through each stage of the overall investigation, completing the relevant tasks: The crime scene investigation, interrogation room, ballistics range, piecing together the evidence, identikit. Time allocations are given and the pressure is on for you to solve the crime and make the arrest.

Big Picture Art is a low impact team building activity 

Big picture art challenge is a creative team build and activity




The Big Picture Art team build focuses on challenging a group creatively and effective communication and coordination is required to create a large scale picture from many smaller parts. The focus here is not on competition but rather on collaboration. A basic acrylic painting course is presented before the start of the activity. Planning and communication is essential as delegates must work both within their group and with the other groups in order to successfully put together ‘The Big Picture’. On completion, delegates have the option of framing the art work which can be mounted in the offices of the company. Big Picture Art is a fun, low impact activity that can also be enjoyed indoors.

Movie Maker is all about making a movie as a team 

movie making teambuild activity




Movie Maker, is just this, each team works together to write a script, produce, direct and act in the “Movie” using limited resources. Teams are given a “Movie Making Kit” which contains an assortment of materials, props and goodies. Everyone has to tap into both their creative and practical abilities as they start to produce their movie. Movie Making provides excellent teambuilding and great entertainment when the teams get to view the movies. Awards can be arranged and given with due ceremony for the various categories, often recognising and celebrating some hidden talents. Movie Making can be easily adapted to meet your various requirements and options include: Produce a “mini movie” with a given title, an advertisement for an existing or future product, a news broadcast or a weather forecast.

Drumming is a wonderful group and team activity experience 





Drumming is a non-competitive activity where each person has an equal say. For centuries people have been drumming to relieve stress, raise their spirits, enhance clarity and focus and develop coordination and community bonding. Drumming offers a unique and unforgettable group activity experience. (Drumming can be combined with Gumboot Dancing)


gumboot dancing- an exciting indoor or outdoor team building activity




Gum Boot Dancing - this activity began in the dark gold mine tunnels of South Africa more than a century ago, gumboot dancing, has since, come full circle. Initially it was developed and used as a codified tap system used by miners deprived of conversation. Gum boot dancing today is one of the most characteristic of South African dance expressions and activities and a wonderful team building activity. (Gumboot Dancing can be combined with Drumming)

news room drama is a team build based on a newspaper format 




Create your own front page newspaper sheet. Use coordination, planning and communication to complete this challenge. Empowering through visualization and planning around  the future of the team. An excellent way to explore and interact around important business concepts. Brainstorm for headlines, create humorous cartoons that express the importance of a concept. Write and copyright 5 articles based on certain themes. Create a business forecast. Newsroom trophy’s and medals await the winning team. Newspaper Pages can be framed.

indoor olympics is a team building activity that is sporty yet takes place indoors



Customised Indoor Olympic-themed activities is always a hit. The theme are the Olympics and everything revolves around recreating the atmosphere and excitement of the world's most important sporting event. Teams are a country and must come dressed accordingly. Teams design a banner and perform a March Past to country anthems! Activity Options Include: Wii Tennis or Golf, Basketball Shoot-Off, Crossbow Target Shooting, FOOZball (table or giant depending on space), Frisbee Golf, Soccer Skills Challenge (space dependent), Pool, AV Olympics Trivia Quiz, Volleyball.

(Please note that not all venues can accommodate the many team building activities that are on offer and some activities are province or area specific. Activities are also subject to venue and facilitator availability and may not always be available at the venue you choose to stay at. Tell us what activity you fancy doing and we will point out the most ideal venues and areas that will be able to accommodate your particular activity choice )
Let us assist you in making your next team building activity and event one that will be remembered!

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