Pamper, spoil and relax, activities for your next team building, conference or function event.

PAMPER Activities & Adventure 

Pamper Activities are just that, relaxed activities that indulge the senses. Its been a long day and you have worked hard at the conference, event or team build. It's now time to indulge a little and enjoy a session of pampering be it afternoon cocktails, a whisky and cigar tasting or a relaxing back massage at the spa.



Spa Treatments

Spa pamper activity


Spa Group Package's are on offer at some of our venues - Pamper yourself with a package of your choice. Special group pamper activities are offered by spas on either a facial, a massage, a pedicure OR a manicure. You deserve to be pampered.

Sunset Cocktails



Experience the delight of cocktails and nibbles at sunset as you sit and overlook a large dam where animals and birds come to quench their thirst. Or gaze out over the ocean, a lake, a beautiful savannah, forest or mountain. Celebrate the beauty of life, enjoy each others company and perfect living while enjoying a bit of a pamper in this beautiful land of ours.

Cheese and Wine Tasting

cheese and wine pairing and tasting activity


Cheese and Wine parings and tasting, discover the different wine varieties, their different qualities and the best cheese's and other foods that combine with each wine. This is a popular group activity, it is interesting and a great spoil and pamper treat.

Dam or River Boat Cruise



Pamper yourselves with this wonderful activity. Enjoy a river or dam boat cruise and discover the beauty of nature while out on this serene yet exciting adventure activity. Water soothes the soul and creates a mellow atmosphere in which to enjoy your colleagues company.

Wine Route Meanders



Wine Route Meanders. Take a tour of the beautiful vineyards and explore our beautiful heritage. Most of South Africa’s vineyards are found in the Western Cape near the coast. The weather is perfect for growing grapes - rainfall measures up to 40 inches a year, the mild Mediterranean weather provides the perfect climate and the ground is mainly sandy and rough. From the southern most point of the Cape right up to the Eastern Cape, there are many different wine routes to discover and explore in this beautiful country of ours.
(Garden Route and Western Cape Specific)

Chocolate and Red Wine

Chocolate and red wine


Research has shown that chocolate tends to stimulate mental attentiveness, and it also helps in regulating good mood, but have you thought about wine?  It has a lot in common with chocolate. A glass of red wine is not only yummy, but studies show that red wine lowers the risk of heart attack, increases good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease bad cholesterol (LDL). A chemical found in both boosts the ability of the brain to solve complex problems. Combined they create a very interesting taste experience and activity.

Whisky and Cigars

whisky and cigar activity


Like two peas in a pod, in the world of luxury, cigars and whisky can often be found together. Both are known as two of the finer things in life, when enjoyed jointly they work to enhance the overall drinking and smoking experience. This is particularly true when the drink being consumed is single malt scotch. Known as the Cuban cigar of the whisky world, single malt scotch is the perfect drink to take out for a smoke, a different activity and a true pamper, a gentlemans experience.

(These pamper activities as in all team building activities are subject to venue and facilitator availability and may not always be available at the venue you choose to stay at, should an activity be chosen that occurs at another venue, day venue charges and other conservation charges or fees may apply)
Let us assist you in making your next team building activity and event one that will be remembered!

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Pamper, spoil and relax, activities for your next team building, conference or function event.