motivational or guest speakers, celebrity speakers, conference speakers, speakers for your next team build or event.


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Motivational or guest speakers talk to deliver a special message, event or experience thereby making a difference to their audience.

There are many different kinds of speaker categories;

Speakerís that Inspire (Inspirational speakers either from personal experience or motivation)
Celebrity Speakerís (famous people that talk on their lives and their particular bench of fame)
Business Speakerís (people who are qualified in business and specific business skills)
Corporate Entertainers (verbal entertainment via a talk meant to inspire)
Keynote Speakers (keynote speakers will talk on an underlined specific theme)
Comedians (humourists that speak to make people laugh)
Trainers (trainers in either sport, behaviour, or a particular skill or subject)
Authors (people who have written a book on a specific subject) (fictional or non fictional)

Most businesses want or look for achievement in the following when employing a speaker;

Ideas to be understood at base level
Speakers who can interpret and communicate the company message.
Speakers who understand business themselves.
Immediate results that show on the Companyís bottom line.
Motivation and inspiration of staff members to endeavor and improve and uplift themselves.

How do you define a Motivational Speaker?

Guest and motivational speakersMotivational speakers are people who firstly have strong talking skills, a talent for communicating and engaging with an audience, they are also skilled at getting a particular message across to their audience.

Speakers have a unique perspective, life story or philosophy to share and communicate with others.

Speakers will also specialise in a certain topic, in these talks they like improving communication or productivity (team building), building self esteem, conflict resolution, social skills, dealing with depression, starting again and more.

Speakers specialise in many specific fields, as we detailed above, and they in turn cover a wide variety of topics such asGuest and motivatioanl speakers in South Africa marketing, management, sports, sales or speakers talks will even get as specialised as speaking to other professionals on a subject like metallurgy or nursing for instance.

In the areas of team building the talks are tailored for motivation, inspiration, communication, conflict resolution and team work!

Motivational speakers travel to different locations as required by clients and make their presentation to groups of people either in a team building, conference, function, gala dinner or event. They will often tailor their presentation to fit the specific needs of their audience and their client.

Contact us, explain to us what it is you are wanting a speaker to achieve for your next team build, event or conference, and let us do the rest.

We look forward to being of service.

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motivational or guest speakers, celebrity speakers, conference speakers, speakers for your next team build or event.